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Sleeveless black dress with double side slits. Length above ankle.

Cotton/Poly Mix, hand wash cold

#CH01_D_01 S/M/L $220.00

Three colors of chiffon caress your neck and hide the waist-low cut out, which is secured by a transparent elastic at bust level.

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Black dress with double side slits. Length above ankle, deep cowl in front...

Cotton/Poly Mix, hand wash cold

#CH01_D02 S/M/L $195.00

... and a deep back cowl, too. Depending on size dress has bust darts.

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We named this black dress "Octopussy". Floor length with many small panels

The Cotton/Poly Mix is slightly elastic. Hand wash cold

#CH01_D_03 S/M $250.00

Another description is "see weed...."

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Front locks elegant but simple. Mid ankle length and 2 high side slits.

Cotton/Poly Mix. Hand wash cold

#CH01_D_04 S/M/L $195.00 (without pearls)

But the back is breath taking: ultra deep cowl.

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Want to dress like the goddess, you know you are? This hand crushed silk dress has an elastic waist band and a single hook at bust level.

100% Silk. Hand wash cold

#CH01_D_05 S/M/L $275.00 (without shawl)

A ultra-light dream which can crinkle as much as it wants. Ideal for traveling.

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Another dream in 100% silk. This light dress slips simply over your head. It has a bit of 20's style.

Hand wash cold

#CH01_D_06 S/M/L $275.00

The top is light tight, whereas the sleeves and the skirt are sea through, showing lovely color effects. Please contact us for different color combinations.

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Dress code "gutsy". This halter dress is super elastic and has a low back cut out. The seams ruffle giving it an interesting finish.

100% Poly. Hand wash cold.

#CH01_D_07 S/M/L $120.00

Wear it on the way from the beach to the bar, or just dear it as a sexy evening outfit.

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Our "Bird of Paradise". A wonderful heavy 100% silk fabric which changes colors from every angle. Color-wise goes with everything. It's permanent wrinkles guarantee that you never have to iron this dress.

Chemical cleaning only.

#CH01_D_08 S/M/L $350.00

The back has a wonderfully draping godet and beneath it a hidden slid.

See why it is called "Bird of Paradise" and how you can combine it with a stola or a sweater.

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