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Have you visited Lucy Gray's Photography exhibition "Tango in San Francisco"?
This exhibition features pictures of local dancers at different events and includes some pictures of our fashion show and our Tango Art Project.
The gallery has a special opening on Sunday November 18th 2001, between 4pm and 7pm, featuring show dances of our models in Donnamite Fashions.
Please join us and enjoy this great exhibition.

We had a wonderful fashion show in September 2001 at the San Jose Museum of Art, California. Nine couples presented our dresses, skirts, shirts and tops. The pictures below give you some impressions of the event. If you want you can watch the following three movies which can be viewed with Apple's Quicktime Software freely down loadable for MACs and PCs. They are about 4MB each, so it takes a while to download, but it is fun to watch.

Our arrival in a huge limousine, as spectacular as possible,
the show, showing the models coming down a long flight of stairs and
our show dance performed after the show.

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